Friday, November 16, 2012

Rachelle Paige remembered

Rachelle Paige was one of
her dad's biggest fans.
Rachelle Paige passed away from an apparent heart attack on the job in February 2010. She was the daughter of Karl Paige, who co-founded the Quesada Gardens, and was a protector of her father’s accomplishments after Karl’s passing in 2007.

Rachelle graduated from Saluda High School in 1985. She held the position as an admission Specialist at Whitney Young Child Development Center over the years and she volunteered with the San Francisco Brown Bombers Football and Cheer Program. She is survived by her three children and her brother, Rene.


Rachelle’s sister Abena, who lives in South Carolino, wrote Quesada Gardens after Rachelle’s passing: “Every plant that grows and every ounce of sunshine that shines and every drop of rain that falls and kisses the leaves of the garden will be the love of Karl and Rachelle Paige.”

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