Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rachelle Paige passes

Rachelle Paige, who passed away from an apparent heart attack on the job last week, was celebrated for her life and achievements at services held in the neighborhood at Bell Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Monday morning. Annette Smith and Corine Pettus, from the Quesada Gardens block, attended the services which they said were moving and well-attended by the many coworkers, friends, family members and others who loved Rachelle.

Rachelle was the daughter of Quesada Gardens’ co-founding gardener Karl Paige, who passed away in August of 2007. She worked to keep her father’s accomplishment fresh in the minds of all who enjoy a transformed block in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood.

Rachelle graduated from Saluda High School in 1985. Among the positions she held over the years was Admissions Specialist at Whitney Young Child Development Center. She volunteered with the San Francisco Brown Bombers Football and Cheer Program. Her three children, the oldest of whom is 19 and attending City College, have been invited to live with family in South Carolina.

Rachelle’s brother, Rene, has shared the following message on his sister’s Facebook page:
To all of my dear late sister Rachelle‘s friends, co-workers, family members and all others in her life. I just wanted to say thank you and bless each and every one of you for your prayers, words of comfort and anything you did for us during time of transition that we are going through at this time. Please give keep us in your prayers for strength so we can be the support that is needed right now for her children.
See other expressions of sympathy and post your own note on Rachelle’s Facebook page.

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Abena said...

Hi all, Rachelle is my sister, my name is Abena and I reside in Saluda, S.C. Sister and I were not only sisters but best friends as well. He unexpected passing has left a void in my heart and life. San Francisco was where her heart was, she truly loved living in the city. Sister loved her family, friends, co-workers and community. When our father passed the very first thing she mentioned was keeping his mempory alive with the Quesada Garden. Myself and our mother traveld to San Francisco June of 2009 to attend Zakiya graduration and on the list of many things to do she took us to the garden. WOW! were my thoughts, Dad and I would talked every Sunday about the garden and I was able to see it for myself. I hope that the Quesada Garden will live on. For every plant that grow and every ounce of sunshine that shines and every drop of rain that falls and kisses the leaves of the garden will be the love of Karl and Rachelle Paige. Thank you San Francisco for your love and support shown to us when myself (Abena) and our mother (Sarah) arrived in San Francisco.