Friday, November 16, 2012

Serenity Williams at Bridgeview

Serenity Williams with snapdragons. 
Photo: Rika Kruse
The entire Quesada Gardens community is proud of Serenity Williams who was presented with a National Gardening Association youth award at a Quesada Gardens Initiative event with Mayor Edwin Lee in the Spring of 2012.

Serenity Williams wrote an essay describing her experiences in the Bridgeview Teaching and Learning Garden, an award-winning green space that is part of Quesada Gardens Initiative’s network of projects. In her essay, she talked about the importance of healthy snacks, such as fruits and vegetables, and giving food to people who don’t have much.

Serenity has spent about an hour and half in her community garden every week, planting and watering. Her efforts have not only helped in caring for the environment, but have delighted her neighbors who love working alongside her.

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Serenity Williams essay which helped her win
a national award.

This profile is part of a series produced by Calvin Tanod through a service-learning partnership with University of San Francisco McCarthy Center and Quesada Gardens Initiative.

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