Friday, July 5, 2013

Building Resources launches "Reclaimed Room"

Soumyaa Behrens and Wayne Wylie at Building Resources.
When Bayview residents talk about their favorite local businesses, Building Resources usually makes the list.  Last weekend, the Mecca for still-useable materials and the spirit of sustainability opened an artful new facet: Reclaimed Room.

Curator Soumyaa Behrens told Footprints that Reclaimed Room is an alternative art gallery that will showcase the work of local artists who work with re-purposed materials.  She hopes to assemble a new show every two months, and encourages artists to contact her with proposals.

Soumyaa points out that, along with all the other changes along the waterfront, the massive grain elevators just across the street from Building Resources will soon become one of the largest art pieces in the area.  More

"That will landmark our space," Soumyaa said, "and people will find us.  We think people should come down and hangout here.  We're part of a new arts scene."

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