Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Trouble" brewing in Bayview

Ruben is one of the friendly folks at Trouble Coffee.  Photo: Alka Joshi
Bayview resident Giulietta Maria Carrelli has brought home a branch of her successful coffee business from her first location in the Outer Sunset neighborhood. Trouble Coffee, at 1730 Yosemite near 3rd Street, is a smaller, mobile version of Giulietta's first business, and is already finding its caffeine-loving following.

"Trouble Coffee was MOBBED today!" Alka Joshi writes after visiting the business on opening day. "We're talking full-scale, revolutionary, uber LATTE-FEST!!!!! In Bayview! Outstanding!"

Ruben (pictured) and Jay (background) are the friendly folks behind the counter, serving up coffee concoctions with names like "Build your Own Damn House" and "Elbow Grease." The 110 square foot retail space is compact, but there is still room for sweet eats.

"My husband had the cinnamon toast," Alka said, "And I had the Nutella Toast. Double yum!"
Trouble Coffee is located just down from the George Davis Senior Center. It is open Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm.


Unknown said...

I will have to check this place out. Thank you.

Unknown said...

nice! Thank you for sharing.