Friday, July 5, 2013

Seattle artists to transform "gateway to Bayview"

Antoinette Mobley, SF Art Everywhere, with Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan.
The artful duo of Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan have been selected to create the art for the Pier 92 project located at the northern gateway to the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood.

The artists were in town recently to talk with residents, and to fine tune their concept titled "transfiguration."

"Bayview Hunters Point has evolved as successions of people and their changing values have become interwoven with the natural ecology," the artists wrote in their proposal. "Transfiguration is a dynamic visual metaphor for this transformation, weaving together symbols of the neighborhood's changing economy, ecology, and community."

The artist selection process was facilitated by the SF Arts Commission for the Port of San Francisco. The team of Haddad and Drugan were among five finalists.

From the proposal by Haddad and Drugan
Not everyone is happy that artists from Seattle were selected for a major artwork that will visually define a neighborhood where residents can easily feel powerless in the face of rapid development. The fact that the location of the "canvas" is near the Shipyard artists' community is not lost on community advocates.

Haddad's and Drugan's rendering promises a dramatic column of color on the skyline, packed with symbols representing a neighborhood in transition. Lights will illuminate the piece at night, and cycle through colors to create a series of effects the artists hope will underscore their theme of transformation.

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