Monday, May 20, 2013

Cinco de Mayo at Bridgeview warms hearts

Alejandro Murguia share poetry at Bayview's Bridgeview Garden.
Though it came a day early, a Cinco de Mayo celebration in San Francisco's Bayview neighborhood was an extraordinary experience for neighbors near the Bridgeview Teaching and Learning Garden, service-learning students from University of San Francisco, and friends of the showcase garden project.

Joel and Mary McClure, project leaders for the Bridgeview Garden, got the event planning in motion weeks earlier, along with Vidal Perez who did most of the work on the stunning garden entryway.  Vidal supplied music for the event, and brought a hearty soup to go with fresh local fruits and a sweet potato pie from the kitchen of Quesada Gardens Co-Founder Corine Pettus.

Under blue skies and overlooking a skyline that puts the "view" in Bayview, Alejandro Murguia delivered a poem written for the occasion.  Alejandro and his partner Magaly Fernandez have been supporters of the Quesada Gardens Initiative and the showcase Bridgeview project for years, and live across the street from the Bridgeview Garden.

Alejandro is not only a neighbor, but also a National Book Award-winner and San Francisco's Poet Laurette.  In his poem, palm trees tip their hats as Bayview's past, present and future swirl about them.

The event also served as a celebration of the accomplishments of a group of service-learning students from University of San Francisco.  Over the past several months, these young people have done gardening in several gardens, staffed five community events, and installed a new sign in the Quesada Garden.

Robyn Brault and Anthony Terrazas shared moving reflections about their experience with Quesada Gardens.  Anthony introduced his mother to the group, and read an essay about his family's immigrant journey and his own personal part of it.

Serenity, who won a national youth gardening award at Quesada Gardens GRO1000 event last year, shared her essay about the Bridgeview Garden where she and brother Legend and mom Quay Markham have connected with their neighbors.

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