Monday, May 20, 2013

Images from Cinco de Mayo in Bayview

Anthony Terrazas reflected on his experience with Quesada Gardens and his family's journey in the United States

Diego Perez (right) keeps watch over his nephew ... not an easy job with this active toddler.

Dylan Antunovich discovered how different strawberries from the garden taste than store-bought.

James Elizarraz took many of the pictures shown here.  He was part of a USF business class service-learning group.

Alejandro Murguia and Magaly Fernandez talk with Jeffrey Betcher in the Bridgeview Garden.

John Davila adjusts daughter Mia's fashionable and sun-sensible hat.

Serenity shows off a Quesada Gardens T-shirt.

USF service-learners were in full force.  In addition to those mentioned elsewhere, student groups included Daria Clecicov, Adriana Goricelaya, Fegrong Bian, Zibo Guo, Thomas Munka, Yunzhu Xu, Nicolas Smith, Alex Kaye, and Jiaxi Wang.  USF student liaison (ACE) Brandon Oldham led much of the work throughout the semester as he had done for several years.

If there had been a prize for the most photographed event participant, it would have gone to Zack Antunovich.

Vidal Perez points out parts of the garden that he built with family and friends.  In many ways, Vidal was the spirit of the Cinco de Mayo event.

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