Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wellness and our environment

It's no secret that environmental issues affect residents of Bayview Hunters Point more than residents of most other neighborhoods. Ongoing town hall meetings focus on Hunters Point redevelopment activity and the environmental impact on those living nearby.

Meetings are Thursdays at 7pm at 150 Kiska Road.

The National Plan for Action, which captures the status of minority health disparities in our country and proposes 20 strategies for their elimination, is a thoughtful and thorough collaborative effort of representatives from community, faith-based and non-profit organizations, academic institutions, foundations and Federal, State and local agencies.

The Environmental Protection Agency has modified the regulations for hazardous materials that are recycled, changing its Definition of Solid Waste rule published in October, 2008. Such hazardous materials are also known as “hazardous secondary materials.”

Communities for A Better Environment (CARE) has issued a Request for Proposals directed toward “eligible entities to help their communities form collaborative partnerships, develop an understanding of the many local sources of toxic pollutants and environmental risks, set priorities, and identify and carry out projects to reduce risks through collaborative action at the local level.”

The closing date is March 9, 2010. Find information online.

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