Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New library construction bid process halted

Samuel Chiu and Mindy Linetzky of the Branch Library Improvement Program have announced that the SF Department of Public Works has cancelled the bid for the construction of the new Bayview Branch Library.

“Based on extensive community feedback during the initial bidding process,” the announcement stated, “it became clear that a new approach is necessary to meet higher local hiring goals. The City will move forward with the project using an alternative contracting approach: Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), a method to procure construction services whereby a construction manager/general contractor ("CM/GC") is retained.”

The decision evolved from ongoing and recent activism focused on the hiring of black workers for construction projects in Bayview Hunters Point.

The Branch Library Improvement Program invites those interested to check the Office of Contract Administration website for updates.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

terrific about hiring local, but not so great on the lengthy delay for the new library. wish that had been part of the plan from the start. hopefully hiring local will be expected and integral to any projects, so there won't be any delays in the future for the hp/bayview community.