Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bayview Theater is Alive and Well

Reverend Bertron Bruno's 2-act play, I'll Be Home For Christmas, premiered this past weekend at the Bayview Opera House, bringing together a stage-load of community talent.

Photo by Heidi Hardin

It wasn't your usual Christmas play. The drama takes a turn for the serious right away when Big Mama Louise (Tina Derrick) hears the news that a neighborhood youth she knows has been killed. The seriousness is tempered by an angelic character, Sherlene (Rita Turner) who offers wisdom and comfort at every turn.

The play becomes ever more steeped in social issues like drug use and dealing, street violence, racial oppression, generational divides, child abuse... And then it leaves you feeling hopeful about the world. There's the magic!

Congratulations to Rev. Bruno and all the creators, players and techies who poured their time and love into the production (from the program):

Tina Derrick - who both starred in and produced the play
Naja Turner
Solomon Webster
Tyree McDuft
Rita Turner
Tyler Washington
Catrice Washington
Lexus Thomas-Trail
Helen Vaughn
Shomari Webster

Technical Staff:
Darren Brown
Heidi Hardin
Izzy Graeser
Dante Dow
Carlos Webster
McKai McAlister
Eugene Sweet

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