Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bayview Artist at Yerba Buena until January 6th

Quesada Gardens Initiative Co-Founding Board Member, Denise King, has merged her years of immersion in science via her work at the Exploratorium with her chops as a visual and conceptual artist. You still have time to see her innovative creations in the Yerba Buena group exhibition, "BioTechnique."

BioTechnique breaks down the seemingly high barriers to entry for non-experts, exposing the ethical, cultural, and ecological issues and implications surrounding biotechnology. The show presents a visually rich assortment of organisms, semi-living objects, and devices as artworks crafted using biological techniques.

Denise’s “paintings” encompass terrarium habitats colored by the bacteria living within them. Also see The Tissue Culture and Art Project’s “victimless” leather, grown using sophisticated laboratory equipment. The artists participating in BioTechnique are invested in the life forms they alter or support, and relate to their artworks as caretakers and as technicians.

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