Sunday, May 6, 2007

Residents "Brainstorm" Improving Intersection of Third and Quesada

Residents gathered at the YMCA yesterday, following a planting in the community garden memorializing Antwanisha Morgan who we lost to gun violence on Third and Quesada, to brainstorm a strategy to improve safety and livability at that intersection.

Members of Antwanisha's family and close friends were present to shape an emerging "blueprint" for the intersection. Residents brainstormed ideas that ranged from reshaping the intersection physically, to adding public art, adding new permeable landscaping, and creating a mini-park, garden or vegetable stand. A common thread throughout the discussion was the need to involve youth and to provide more opportunities for the community to gather.

Quesada Gardens Initiative co-founder James Ross facilitated the "brainstorm," and QGI Board Co-Chair Annette Smith led a symbolic planting of seeds as a way to communicate our collective hope for our community's future.

Thanks go to the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice for funding this meeting and the preceeding festival, to Gina and Ingrid at the YMCA for their hospitality, and to all the community members who gave part of a gorgeous Saturday afternoon to an important discussion.

If you have ideas about how to improve safety and livability at 3rd and Quesada, please post them here or email

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