Monday, May 7, 2007

Neighbors Experience Eco-Theft Early this Morning

We just had more Bayview ecoterrorism.

My dogs started barking at 5:20 this morning. When I looked out the window there was a trail of dirt down the sidewalk. One of our Hollywood Junipers had been pulled out of the ground and dragged around the corner. Left on Kirkwood off Mendell. Beside it was our huge poppy plant stolen from beside the front door.

The good news is we did replant the tree and flowers, hopefully they'll recover. Some poppies didn't survive.

About 30 various succulents were also stolen from our sidewalk beds, and have not yet been recovered. This operation must have taken considerable time to execute. Only the smallest pieces weren't taken. It's small consolation. (no pun

This parallels the events that happened in March with the trees we planted through F.U.F. on Jerrold being stolen, dragged and dumped, (3 of the 5 attacked being killed and now replanted).

This after the two events last week with two of the F.U.F. palms being totally stolen just days apart, at our new Qube Automotive at 1655 Jerrold, opposite Flora Grubb. Hopefully there is only one villian who will be apprehended, or this will surely happen again, soon.

We're bummed and worried about the future of our curb row gardens and of course the trees. We planted 9 on Jerrold in a 2 block stretch and 1 on Kirkwood when FUF and 75 volunteers planted 92 trees in Bayview this past Arbor Day.

Any words of consolation or advice would be appreciated. Don't know if you've had the same trouble. All I know is we can't let this get us down. We must keep planting.

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