Friday, April 20, 2007

T Third Celebration (Not Everyone is Celebrating)

All you need to do is pick up a newspaper or talk to a few people in the neighborhood to hear about problems with the T-Third light rail system, and MUNI in general. If you have something on your mind about the subject, just click on "comment" below and let us all know!

Whether you like the T-Third or not, most folks who were at the kickoff celebration last Saturday were moved by the diversity and size of the crowd that turned out despite some early morning rain. Once inside the grand tent at K.C. Jones Park, there was nothing but a great mood, terrific food and lots of it, entertainment representing all corners of our community, and exhibits of the great work grassroots and other organizations are doing.

The Quesada Gardens Initiative had a display table between our friends at the Bayview Branch Library/History Project and the good people at the Department of the Environment. James Ross, Jeffrey Betcher, and Otis Bess, Jr. (pictured) were joined by Mike Kan to spread the word about our community gardens, residential urban farming project, public art and events, and other community-building work.

Few in attendance could remember the last time so many people from the neighborhood were gathered in one place (maybe a Third Street Fair?). It was the perfect opportunity for QGI to get a sounding of how well we're doing in terms of outreach to our neighbors. Not only did a lot of people know about our work - especially Annette and Karl, the 1700 block garden, and the mural - but most were real fans.

Now, what do you think of the T-Third?

Photograph courtesy of Alain McLaughlin Photography (thank you!)

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