Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eco-Stewards at Candlestick

Anthony Khalil welcomes visitors to the garden.
The Candlestick Point Eco-Stewards Project is a new project with some well-known leadership. It emerged from Literacy for Environmental Justice's Bay Youth for the Environment Program last year.

Building on work with nearly 1,000 volunteers who grew and planted 10,000 plants in the new wetlands at Yosemite Slough Candlestick Point SRA, the organizers hope to expand their youth and volunteer programs at Candlestick Point this year.

Key program partners include California State Parks, California State Parks Foundation, the SF Department of Children, Youth and Their Families, the SF Department of the Environment, National Environmental Education Fund, National Audubon Society, Golden Gate Audubon Society, Donna Plunkett, Tom Phillips, Margo Bors, Vic Photo, Sun Ray Harvest, LLC, Save the Bay, Design Action and Inkworks Press, the Presidio Native Plant Nursery, Pamela Calvert, Eric Wright and Channel Lumber, and John Anderson.

The Eco-Stewards program needs individual volunteers and volunteer groups. For more information, call 415.282.6840, email Community Programs Manager Anthony Khalil or Director of Stewardship Program Patrick Rump, or go online.

Anthony Khalil

Patrick Rump

Garden and mural at Candlestick Point
Greenhouse at Candlestick.
Ted Fang (right) talks with Anthony about a new Asian-themed open space project.

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