Monday, September 9, 2013

Bayview kitties travel Europe

"Joe definitely won the kitty lottery," writes Quesada resident Charlene DelMuro. "We found him as a sickly tiny kitten in 2004 when we first moved in, and now's he chill'n in Europe!" 

Charlene and Mike Aisenfeld are on an adventure that takes them far from their Quesada Gardens home. They couldn't leave their little ones behind, even temporarily. 

A pet relocation group has featured the story on its website ... AND chose the Bayview kitties as "Pet of the Month"! On behalf of her furry friends and human co-parent, Charlene has shared a bit of the story: 

We had the opportunity to move from San Francisco to Dublin, Ireland for a year, as the tech company where my boyfriend works is currently undergoing a European expansion. We had never moved a pet internationally before and we were really worried about how our gentle, sensitive kitties Milo and Joe Dirt would handle the move.

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