Thursday, July 25, 2013

Politics and opinion shapes Bayview

"Yes" to new citizens' advisory committee 

The Board of Supervisors approved a new law authored by Supervisor Malia Cohen that could give community members in the Bayview District input into proposed development projects before they are considered by City government. 

If the legislation is signed by Mayor Lee, a 12-member citizens' advisory committee would be formed to review development proposals and make recommendations to both the planning department and the Board of Supervisors.  Two-year appointments would be made by Mayor Lee, Supervisor Cohen, and City Administrator Naomi Kelly. 

There has been no formal process for community input since the SF Redevelopment Agency was dissolved last year. 

"No" to beds for homeless 

In a statement, Supervisor Cohen notified the community that plans to lease new space to provide 100 beds for homeless people would not go forward.

"After a thoughtful and engaging community process an agreement has been reached to not move forward with the proposed shelter at this time." 

BRITE, a Bayview residents' advocacy group, applauded the decision.  "We congratulate the tireless work of BRITE Board member Robert Davis," the BRITE Board said in a statement, "... and so many others for their petitions, letters, and presentations to the Commission. And we appreciate Supervisor Cohen's support."

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