Saturday, July 27, 2013

Growing Bayview's next generation

When Bayview Live program participants shared what they were most grateful for, Joel and Mary McClure made the list several times.  They had spent several days working closely with the group in the Bridgeview Teaching and Learning Garden and giving informational tours of other sections of the Quesada Gardens network of projects.

One first-time gardener told them, "I'm grateful to you for showing me how to plant seeds."

On their first visit, Mary had asked each of the youth what plant they would grow if they could grow anything they wanted.  When the young gardeners showed up for their second visit, she had seeds of the plant type they had wished for, and showed them how to plant and care for them.

Hasan Bey, a Bayview Live mentor, was grateful to Joel and Mary, too.  He appreciated how, by their example, they teach how people being involved in the life of their community can shape that community.

"You have power," Hasan said.  "Get involved."

"We're here every Saturday," Joel piped up.  "And we can always use the help."

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