Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gardens come alive with dance

The gardens in the heart of Bayview are always alive.  But lately, residents on Bridgeview, Newhall and Quesada have been noticing something new.

A group of eight teenagers, under the expert direction of Jo Kreiter and Jen Chien, are creating a dance in the gardens and along the streets.  The unique project has the young dancers interacting with the urban and natural environment along the way.

It's all part of "GirlsFly," a program of Flyaway Productions unfolding in partnership with Quesada Gardens InitiativeTwo performances of the final dance are scheduled for Noon and 2pm on Saturday, July 13th.  Everyone is invited, and the performances are free.

Each day of the program leading up to the July 13th performances, Bayview residents are joining with the "GirlsFly" group to discuss issues neighbors face.  Topics include community-led transformation, the housing crisis, and environmental justice.

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