Saturday, July 6, 2013

Calling all lemons

by Tracy Zhu

Do you have a lemon tree or two but don't know what to do with all your lemons? Want to put the fruit to good use?

Mission High School students are looking for Bayview neighbors who are willing to donate their lemons. They will be canning and jamming the lemons for sale at the Mission Community Market.  For your generous offering, the students will bring a couple of their canned lemon products to your door!

The goal of the program is to teach high school students about the whole chain of food growth, production, and preparation while being socially conscious. By creating and selling value added products like lemon jams, the students get a taste of the business aspects of the food industry.

Neighbors willing to donate lemons or allow high school students to harvest them are invited to fill out a simple form.  Click here ... We'll be in touch!

Coordinated by your Bayview neighbor, Tracy Zhu, and Mission High School Youth and Food Justice Coordinator, Rachel Vigil. Tracy's neighbors will be approached by Chinese and Vietnamese speakers.

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