Friday, April 26, 2013

Birthday brings Quesada neighbors together

Neighbors gather at Quesada Gardens to celebrate
Fast Eddie's youth.  Photo: Footprints
Fast Eddie should have a birthday party more often...that is, if he stays as youthful as he is.  And if neighbors have anything to say about it, his partner Chrystal should cook at all of them.

Eddie is a Quesada Gardens neighbor who celebrated being "young with a big number" (as Annette Smith always says) on Saturday, April 13th.  About a dozen neighbors and volunteers who had been part of the Every Saturday Volunteer Day joined up to celebrate with him.

Several newer neighbors met for the first time, and many people talked about how great it was to have such a positive and peaceful event on the street.  The weather was spectacular, and so was the food.  (The beans stole the show!) 

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