Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Plans for Twelve3?

READI Ministries is a faith-based organization that may be familiar to many Bayview residents. The group is based at the Bay View Commons Apartments at 4445 Third Street, where it worships in the conference room every Sunday at noon. READI Ministries is also a major contributor to the local movement to end poverty, and members can be found ministering to the poor in Bayview and beyond.
Pastor Josiah Palmer of San Francisco READI Ministries tells Footprints that he and other religious leaders and their churches will be holding a community event and forum beginning Wednesday December 12th (that's 12-12-12!) from noon to 2pm at the Civic Center Plaza Mall on McAllister and Polk Streets in San Francisco.
Everyone is invited to this event which will promote unity among all faiths, communities and civic leaders. Free lunches and a short Gospel music concert are planned. The event theme is "A Community Returning to God."
"We humbly request your presence at this special community building event," said Pastor Palmer. Many people have been praying continuously for 12 months "that GOD will grant us the petition as people building and community loving," he said.
The event is part of a series called Twelve3 which will continue on Saturday, December 15th from noon to 6pm at the United Nations Plaza Mall, One UN Plaza. Organizers hope to close that gathering with a candlelight vigil.
For more information, contact Pastor Palmer by email, or call READI Ministries at 510.512.0984.

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