Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lights return to Bayview

Mendell Plaza in lights.  Photo: Footprints
For years, at most every community meeting at which input into the future of Bayview was solicited, someone would recall how 3rd Street had holiday lights every year around this time. Most every set of notes from those meetings included getting holiday lights back again.

No wonder, then, that Bayview Opera House Executive Director Barbara Ockel (pictured above, center), was so happy when the tree on Mendell Plaza that she helped decorate the evening before was ceremonially "lit" last Friday.
The tree lighting was part of a cluster of events at the Opera House and Old Skool Cafe, and attracted about 20 participants on what was a rainy evening. Many were governmental representatives, including Police Chief Greg Suhr and Director of the Mayor's Office of Community Services Joaquin Torres. Involved residents included the YMCA's Gina Fromer and Old Skool's Teresa Goines.

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