Friday, November 16, 2012

Tai Trang brings skills to Bayview

Tai Trang gets to know the
Canary Island Date Palm trees
at the Quesada Garden
Tai Trang may be the perfect neighbor in a place where diversity of experience and a do-it-yourself spirit are valued.

Tai and his family emigrated from Vietnam in 1980 when Tai was a teenage, a radical change that puts moving to a unique place like San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood into perspective. In 2010, he came to settle with his partner Mark Philpot in a home at Quesada Gardens where he immediately got busy putting his packed tool kit of practical skills to good use.

Among other things, Tai is a professional gardener. He can often be found in the Quesada Garden, one day under the fronds of the massive palm trees with a pruning saw in hand, and the next setting up a pen so his hens can get some air and charm the neighbors.

In the Spring of 2012, you could have found Tai helping his neighbor Liz transform her backyard to include what is now a thriving bee colony. It turns out Tai is a well-seasoned beekeeper. He has donated some of his own honey to the Quesada Garden General Store project.

When he isn’t contributing to his community at Quesada Gardens, Tai expresses his commitment to AIDS awareness. Since 2000, he has been a part of the annual 585-mile AIDS/LifeCycle ride, and plans on continuing that streak. 


This profile is part of a series done by University of San Francisco McCarthy Center service-learning students with residents at the Quesada Gardens Initiative.  The student team included profiles project group leader Andrew Kentopp, Calvin Tanod, Yichao (Cherry) Chen, Gaowei (Eric) Ma, Noell Niro, Matt Sattler, Nicole Lee, Patrick Lee, Minyi Huang, Shengcheng (Roy) Zhang, Shawn Yang, Christina Nguyen, Bernadette de Mesa, Nick Carignani, Sarah Claytor, Melissa de los Reyes, Hanna Lafranconi, Elizabeth Cochran, Emily Fredrickson, and Yvette Cervantes.

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