Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Saturday. Do you know where your neighbors are?

Tai Trang is new to Bayview, but a skilled hand with gardening and landscaping. He is shown here pruning fronds from one of Quesada Gardens' landmark Canary Island Date Palms so that visitors can take the stairs beneath without ducking, and so the ground-level plants get more sunlight. (photo by Jacob Watta)

Quesada Gardens, the home-grown grassroots network of gardens, gathering spaces and public art projects, introduces Bayview’s newest tradition: Saturday community volunteer parties.

Why stay indoors or travel out of the neighborhood when you can have fun volunteering in your own community?

Not from these parts, but still want to come play? Come on by and experience the best of Bayview, and the best in grassroots community strength as neighbors lead volunteer activities in the neighborhood's gardens and along its sidewalks.

The Quesada Gardens Initiative has always been volunteer-driven, began as an all-resident volunteer organization, and has hosted countless groups of volunteers from schools, businesses and social clubs.

Volunteers enjoy sharing tips about gardening with expert horticulturists, and learning about sustainable local systems that support cultural diversity, food production and healthy environments.
When? Every Saturday from 10am to 1pm-ish.

Where? Meet at 1747 Quesada (under the Canary Island Date Palms trees, just west of 3rd Street). Bicyclists enjoy flatland peddling along Oakdale and 3rd. MUNI riders choose between T-Third light rail (Palou stop) and busses (23, 24 and 44 lines).

Details? Volunteers should dress appropriately for weather and gardening. Gloves, tools, refreshments, and team leaders are waiting.

More Info? Email Quesada Gardens
Annette Smith and Karl Paige started the Quesada Garden in 2002, and the Quesada Gardens Initiative has been growing gardens, gathering spaces and public art projects in the heart of San Francisco’s Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood ever since. Quesada Gardens has come to represent the neighborhood’s beauty and strength, and to show what ordinary citizens can do to create positive change where they live.

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