Monday, April 23, 2012

Redistricting changes D10, just a bit

The D10 Watch blog is spreading the word: "For those who've been following the redistricting process, attended meetings, written letters, talked to neighbors about it, drawn your own maps, care in the least who their supervisor now is, or are completely sick and tired of it, it is DONE (until 2022)!"

The final map can be found at the Department of Elections website.

District 10 says farewell to the southern 40% of the Portola (now in D9) and to the new UCSF Mission Bay Hospital (now in D6), but hello to a part of the Mission between Bryant, Potrero Ave, 20th, and Division.

One local note: Bayshore Boulevard is now a political dividing line with businesses like Lowe's on one side and FlowerCraft on the other.

Rachel Gordon reports in the SF Chronicle that "The political landscape in San Francisco may shift slightly, but an earthshaking upheaval in the city's moderate-progressive political split is not expected...," that District 10's "swing district" status is unlikely to change, and that Potrero Hill (still in D10) may gain political clout. full article.

See more information and analysis on D10 Watch.

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