Monday, July 18, 2011

Older voices, new media - Neighbors in the news

Five of our community's elders were featured in the Sunday Chronicle Insight section, in an article by Brenda Payton with photographs by Liz Hafalia, that touches on shifting services for the senior population, and on racial tensions between African American and Asian American residents.

Maggie Lloyd-Agnew "...wonders why African Americans can't seem to hold on to their communities." More

John Wilcher "...decries the rise of violence in the neighborhood...." More

Fenghui Zhou says "seniors in the United States have a better life than seniors in China." More

Jacqueline Quach says "I believe in Buddhism and karma, the cause and effects in everything." More

Vincent Barb says that, in the 1960's, "...there were more black businesses." More

The coverage of Bayview Hunters Point seniors is multifaceted, and includes video by Vivian Po, Angelina Wong, and Corwin Cooley.

Chinese language video pieces about these seniors are airing on KTSF this week. English language videos are online at New America Media.

More information: An Op Ed by La Shon Walker appeared in the Chronicle on Monday, focusing on business revitalization, vacant storefronts, and the 3rd Street Corridor.

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