Thursday, June 16, 2011

City of Dreams on Quesada

This Saturday, beginning at 10am, the dream of better connecting the communities on Hunters Point Hill with those in the heart of Bayview will come closer to reality when the City of Dreams youth program located at the 1030 Oakdale community center brings youth and mentors to the Quesada Gardens for a day of learning and community building.

Quesada Gardens Initiative hosts a volunteer experience every Saturday that hundreds of individual neighbors and groups from throughout the area have taken part in. Neighbors are excited about the young visitors scheduled for this Saturday, and are organizing additional activities that will include:
  • an orientation to Quesada Gardens and its history,
  • a beginners gardening demonstration,
  • a sidewalk art activity, and
  • light gardening at 2 locations on the 1700 block of Quesada.
Everyone is welcome. Meet at the community mural and gathering area (cul de sac at end of 1700 block of Quesada one block west of 3rd) at 10am. Lunch and a "closing circle" are scheduled for about 1pm.

Pictured is QGI horticulturist Tony Tarket who will offer a gardening demonstration this Saturday.

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