Thursday, June 16, 2011

1944 to 2011 perspective on Third

The Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood is undergoing rapid change, spurred by the economy, redevelopment, new arrivals to the area, and other forces.

These images, one taken in 1944 (from the SF Public Library website) and the other a week ago from a similar vantage point, show that change is not just a recent phenomen
The changes that pop from these pictures, book-ending a 77 year stretch of time, are ones that have to do with transportation and other aspects of the urban infrastructure - things over which those who live, work or play in the neighborhood have had limited control.

But a closer look reveals changes to the commercial landscape along Bayview's main drag. The first clue is in the greater number of signs and associated small businesses in 1944 when Bayview was enjoying a boom time, associated with the Shipyard and WWII, as compared with today's sleepier activity. These aspects of life in our neighborhood are ones over which neighbors and entrepreneurs can work (and are working!) to improve.

Local history buffs have told Footprints that the building (far right) that now houses a program of the Bayview Hunters Point Foundation for Community Improvement would become the location of Fuller's Pharmacy three years after the older photograph was taken. The building on the far left, with the Kaufman's sign, and the building next door to Bank of American have been torn down to make way for an empty lot and the newer building seen in the recent photograph. 

The single story structure on the corner of Third and Quesada, where Wendy's is now located (after a move from several doors down) at one time housed Rizzato Realty. Across the street, the 3-story structure made way for Bay View Federal Savings and Loan, and later for U.S. Bank.

Do you have memories or mementos of the neighborhood "back in the day?" We love to digitally copy photographs and films of place, people and life in Bayview Hunters Point, and invite you to email us or call 415.822.0800 with ideas.

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