Friday, September 11, 2009

Share your experience with Bayview school children

George Washington Carver Elementary School and Malcolm X Academy need YOU, this Fall, to be a cheerleader for a child and help tutor reading and math skills.

All volunteers receive training. Stipends are available. And, even though older community members are the driving force behind Experience Corps, you don’t have to be 55 to help...just bring time and energy to the cause!

Children need both the strength of our communities and the friendship and mentoring of their neighbors to know that they can learn and be successful in the future.

James Lowe, a 20-year teacher at Malcolm X Academy, understands the importance of Experience Corps volunteers from firsthand experience.

"The Experience Corps Members are a group of dedicated individuals who are responsible, encouraging, and bring a sense of pride to our school environment," Lowe said.

George Washington Carver School on Oakdale is starting its Experience Corps program in October 2009. Volunteers from the neighborhood are needed to help at both Carver and Malcolm X.

Experience Corps, a nationwide older adult service organization, matches the skills, talents, hard-won wisdom and humor of people over 55 with Bayview children. Volunteers spend anywhere from 2 to 15 hours a week tutoring children in reading and math and being a friend and mentor to a child. Experience Corps has been working with schools in the Bayview since 2000.

To volunteer, please contact Lisa Davidson by email or call 415.978.5296.

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