Friday, September 11, 2009

Bayview Outdoor Film Fest BIGGER than ever!

The 4th annual Bayview Outdoor Film Festival at the Quesada Gardens featured live music and performance, free food prepared by local Chef Alice Wilson, food service by youth from Old Skool Cafe, and an interactive art table. It all happened at the community mural and gathering space on the 1700 block of Quesada Avenue, just west of 3rd Street.

Like previous years, the event was 100% free due to the generous contributions of neighborhood businesses and residents. Event costs were contained by informal agreements amongst the participants, such as the slogan "Your chair is your ticket" which communicates that the organizers at the Quesada Gardens Initiative have have just a few chairs, and cannot afford to rent them for the many events they hold in the heart of Bayview.

The Golden Gate Chorus, The Skutt Brothers (trio), and soloist Joyce Kinney brought music to the event, while Not Your Grammy's Theater contributed a series of dramatic performance.

Short films about the community and classic cartoons began at dusk as filmmaker and Quesada Gardens Initiative Co-Founder, Shane King, once again took the helm as video jockey.

“It’s a major highlight of the year for residents and friends in our part of Bayview,” said King. "Along with the gardens, public art projects, and other community-building projects we’ve led, the film fest has changed the quality of life for all of us.”

Most Bayview residents never leave the safety of home at night to take to their neighborhood’s notorious streets. Yet hundreds of residents have bucked the status quo by joining in one of the most unique events anywhere to watch films projected onto a screen at the Quesada Gardens’ stunning community mural gathering space at Quesada and Newhall at the bottom of the Newhall steps…right in the heart of the neighborhood.

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