Friday, March 27, 2009

Quirky Third Street history

Contributed by Jim Ansbro

Some of you may recall the Urban Renewal projects of the 1970's which moved "skid row" from Third & South Park over to Sixth St.

I have a delightful book about S.F.'s "Three Street" written in 1962. It is very romanticized image of skid-row; but if you've wandered around SOMA's alleys recently, you'll recognize all the characters. Start @ Dave's Bar, 29 Third St. (or W.B.Jr.Blvd.?)

At this month's meeting of the SF Museum and Historical Society, it's founder (Charles Fracchia) recalled his father warning him to "work hard - or you'll end up at Third & Howard." Charles lamented that he wishes he had ended up there - in one of the New High Rise Condos...

The Salame factory Charles' father took him to as a boy, is still here in the Bayview.

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