Friday, March 27, 2009

Kitty lovers: don't miss this!

Contributed by Nan Foster

Our wonderful neighbor, Nan, reports that the pictured calico cat she and her family have befriended lives on the streets in this neighborhood somewhere between Revere and Quesada just west of Third.
We feed her and...are trying to find where this cat recently had kittens. After she leaves my yard, she usually heads off in the direction of Quesada Ave, so maybe her kittens are in someone's yard on your block. Animal Care and Control will come and take them away and get them into homes if we can locate them. I was about to take her in to be adopted when I realized that she had just had kittens so I did not want to take her away from her litter.

Besides this immediate concern, I am interested in working with Animal Care and Control in an ongoing way to control and care for the cat population in our neighborhood. We can get the feral (un-tame) cats spayed and neutered by using humane traps. Friendly, socialized cats like this calico can be easily adopted. There was a really cute black and white cat who was coming to our back door, and we brought him to A.C.C. He was given a good home within a week! I have the name of a volunteer with A.C.C. who will help us. San Francisco will not kill any cats that are adoptable, and they will return feral cats to our streets after they have been spayed and neutered; they won't kill the cats.

Can you please pass on the calico cat pictures to others in the neighborhood to see if we can find her litter? Thanks. And if others want to unite to work on these kitty issues, I would like to connect with them.

Please let Nan know if you can help!


June said...

Was the black and white cat a large short haired one? Was it recently that you brought him to the ACC? He had been coming into our house through our cat door and we gave him some food in our backyard. We haven't seen him for a few days and have been very worried about him. I hope it was him and that he is now in a good home!

cedardreamer said...

Hi June,

Nan's husband Chris here. I would not call him "large" per se. He was good size, but still growing I think. His most distinguishing feature besides his really friendly temperment was his black nose. Even though I knew it was the right thing to do, (and we recently learned that he has in fact been adopted)it saddened me to take him away because I always enjoyed seeing him around.

Bayview to Breakers said...

Be wary of Animal Control - last time I took in a cat, they killed it within thirty minutes.

Anonymous said...

Cats are beautiful friendly creatures and we also adopted one from thh backyard. The population is out of control though. I think it's important for people to have their animals fixed and while I would hate to see any of them put to sleep, I think we need to do something to control the population. They spray all around and sometimes inside my house, which is just disguisting. Please let me know if anyone is leading this.


Albert Kaba said...

I've only had a good experience working with ACC for the last five years. The kitty would be euthanized if it had a contagious disease that the person surrendering it could not ensure that they could quarantine the kitty and continue to take care of it -- or due to other medical issues that would be prohibitively expensive to treat which the person surrendering a kitty could not afford. Please contact me. I have a great idea to help the issue of homeless cats (a term i prefer over "feral"), one that FixNation has used in southern California with seemingly positive results.

Albert Kaba said...

Nan: please contact me at or at 415.822.5223. I'd like to work with you. I'm fiming a documentary on homeless and feral cats. I also have a great idea for community outreach to help folks help the cats, help us and help themselves and the entire community. We need a lot of work here on ferals in the Bayview-Hunters Point. -- Albert