Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Generation We" takes a stand in Bayview

The Millennial Generation is inheriting a country steeped in challenges that no previous generation has had to face...and they are up to the task according to new research sponsored by successful internet entrepreneur Eric Greenberg.

"Millennials" are those born between 1978 and 2000. The new study, "Generation We: How the Millennial Generation is Taking over America and Changing the World," makes a strong case that this 30 and under crowd is very different from "Boomers" and "Gen-Xers." The generation is marked by a commitment to the common good over individual gain, and by wholesale rejection of existing institutions and leadership.

Greenberg, and a video crew led by director Stephen Marshall and producer Lisa Kamamoto Hsu, came to the Quesada Garden today to film part of a short video about Generation We. Young people on the block were thrilled at the prospect of appearing in the video. Two Quesada Gardens members, Apollos and Michaela, had speaking roles that might be used in the final edit.

The Quesada Gardens Initiative is emblematic of intergenerational public participation in social change, and was a natural host for an effort to highlight how young Bayview Hunters Point residents, like their Gen-We counterparts, are uniquely gifted and ready to engage in political action to save the world.

A book, based on Greenberg's extensive research, is available for free download online. Greenberg and Karl Weber authored the book as part of a comprehensive strategy to amplify the social activist tendencies of young people in America, and translate that characteristic to immediate political change.

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