Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bayview mural on the drawing board for Bridgeview

The Quesada Gardens Initiative, with lead funding from Zellerbach Foundation, is working with artists Malik Seneferu and Heidi Hardin to create Bayview newest piece of public art.

The mural is along the theme of the "Bayview Is..." campaign which allows individual residents and affinity groups to represent their own experience of their neighborhood through words, images, videos, and other media. The consensus process for the design, as well as the implementation of the project will engage neighborhood children and youth, and involve the full spectrum of QGI members and volunteers.

Malik describes himself as a "Black / African American painter, draughtsman, muralist, and book illustrator" who employs self-taught technique and style. He has lived, worked, mentored, and curated throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Malik says, “Over the years, ancient African artifacts have influenced my artistry in which I deliver confident and eloquent messages of empowerment.” He has been part of The Art Of Living Black for 6 years.

Heidi Hardin recently founded Think Round, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to connecting art to community and individual transformation that emphasizes matters of the spirit, family, and the environment. She has been the Visual Arts Programming Director for the Bayview Opera House for 15 years, and a Museum Artist at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco where she supervised the Doing and Viewing Art and Big Kids/Little Kids arts programs for four years.

Together, Malik and Heidi will design the overall architecture of the "Bayview Is..." mural for the community's feedback. Neighborhood children and youth, along with other involved residents and volunteers, will make the wall ready for the artwork and translate the design to colorful reality.

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