Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's happening! New businesses on Third Street

Just between the Quesada and Latona Gardens lies a strip of Third Street that has long been disappointing when it comes to business. The hardware store has been an anchor there for decades, Pralines by Yvonne has been there awhile now, and the storefront church has lent a certain vibrancy to the block. Along came Upper Crust, improving the old Golden Eagle space.

Government investment has mostly been on blocks adjacent to the Opera House, while residents and business people have been building community and connecting business with customers as best we can. The times, they are a'changin'!

The sign pictured just went up above a storefront on Third between Revere and Schafter near Upper Crust Deli. It heralds a new clothing store called Gold Diggers, Inc.

Across the street and near Quesada Avenue, the body piercing and tattoo business has vacated and, Quesada Gardeners are told, another clothing business is going in.

All along the corridor there are signs of improvement. Still fresh businesses we've promoted on this site and through Footprints' "Just for Us" social events at those locations are going strong. And everyone's talking about the soul food at Auntie April's!

"Change" isn't just a great political slogan! In Bayview, together, we're all making it happen on the street level where we live.

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