Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another Bayview Hidden Gem

We broke the "forcefield." That's what Kristine Enea, IBNA Board Chair, calls the thing that seems to divide India Basin, Hunters Point, and the traditional Bayview area.

Bayview denizon, Jim Ansbro and others from this side of the forcefield, managed to make it to Speakeasy Brewery on Friday evening for the weekly brew pub festivities.

Speakeasy is just slightly off the beaten path at 1195 Evans, in a building that looks more like an industrial distribution center than a pub...because at any other time it really is the brewery. Once you find it, you'll also find Bayview-made beer that is cheap, delicious and plentiful in a setting that is delightfully out-of-the-ordinary.

The crowd starts to gather at 4pm and, before you know it, it grows to about 100 strong. Artists from the area, like John Ricker of Guns Into Art fame (see for news and video about him), blend with hipsters and leave-the-tie-in-the-car professionals. Games, brewery tours, and friendly conversation on the sunny rear patio come with the deal.

Forest Gray, President of Speakeasy, is shown above with his wife Julia and new baby Scarlett (just off camera). His contribution to the "Bayview Is..." Campaign didn't take long for him to decide on. While you're chatting with neighbors next to the stacks of kegs, you'll understand why he says, "The Bayview is Speakeasy!"

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