Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bridgeview Garden Breaks Ground in the Examiner

The Bridgeview Garden is here, and the San Francisco Examiner has discovered it!

See the story here!

One of the Bayview’s newest and most exciting community gardens is in Monday’s San Francisco Examiner. Tony Tarket, QGI’s wise and wonderful Horticulture Chair is pictured and quoted. James Ross, QGI’s Board Co-Vice Chair and our community’s best friend, keeps it real. And our extraordinary and highly-valued partner in so many accomplishments, Professor Seth Wachtel from the University of San Francisco, captures the design and purpose of the garden in just a few words.

Thanks to all three, and to everyone who turned out to talk with the reporter and photographer at the drop of a gardener’s hat!

Not pictured are Joel and Mary McClure, who are the project leaders. Fortunately, we have the Bayview Footprints newsletter and calendar to look forward to. That has a lovely picture of the amazing duo, and a story about the Bridgeview Garden. Enjoy!

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