Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tourists in the Bayview?!

Every day, you can find local visitors admiring the Quesada Garden, and Bayview residents from other blocks using the Quesada Garden as a "safe route." But hearing from an out-of-state tourist is still a unique treat for residents working hard to build our community.

Catherine Anstett, who took this picture of the garden, is from Seattle. She emailed Quesada Gardens with the story of her visit. Note that, as fate would have it, she ran into yet another visitor to the garden while she was there!

I was in Alameda visiting family in November, and wanted to check out some local community gardens. I just retired from the Open Space unit at Seattle Parks and Recreation. I think I saw an article about Quesada Garden on the web. I got into the vicinity and then dropped into the local KFC, and some folks who had just come out of church across the street told me specifically where the garden was. They were quite enthusiastic about it.

When I was there I talked to a few folks. A teenager was walking along the sidewalk. I asked him if he lived there, and how he liked the garden. Turned out he was just visiting, but he said, "I wish we had this in my neighborhood."

Great project!

Catherine Anstett

Cathering invites those who are interested to see more photographs she took during her visit.

Thank you, Catherine, for your visit. And come back soon. We'd love to show you the new Bridgeview and Latona Gardens, too!

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