Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fresh and Easy - New Media about the Bayview's Cry for Food

This photo from Brant Ward/The Chronicle shows work being done at the 5800 Third Street site.

An article on the front page of today's SF Chronicle "Bay Area" section and another in the SF Examiner report on the deal with Tesco to open a grocery market in the old Coca-Cola factory at 5800 Third.

The coverage highlights the Mayor's Office victory in developing this deal, the City-led coalition and working group that have joined in the push for new food options, and the SF Department of Public Health which makes the necessary connection between poor food options in low-income neighborhoods and nutrition-related health disparities amongst residents.

The coverage is great, though we would like to have seen mention of the Bayview community's years of advocacy for new food options. We welcome comments from residents and community-builders in the Bayview who can offer a more comprehensive picture.
Consider these community contributions to the process:

- Network for Elders recently led an effort to improve an existing market - FoodsCo.
- The Good Neighbor Program has for years been working with existing marketers to encourage healthier product offerings.
- The Quesada Gardens Initiative wrote the marketing plan for attracting food retailers to the neighborhood, and helped lead the community survey quoted in today's article about food preferences of residents - all through SEFA.
- Hunters Point Family in partnership with the the Department of the Environment brought the Bayview Farmers Market to Third Street.
- Individual community voices have been advocating loudly for years if not decades for equal access to food.
- Community-based food production is at its highest level in recent years via projects like Alemany Farms, Double Rock Garden, Quesada Gardens (including Latona and Bridgeview Gardens), and new residential backyard farms.
Business development and new food options are critical to the life of the Bayview - something residents understand most personally. Quesada Gardens again congratulates all those involved in progress toward these goals - and today recognizes grassroots involvement that has been fundamental from the start.

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