Saturday, November 17, 2007

Images from the SECF Mural Dedication

Many thanks for Richard Uchida and Heidi Hardin for these photographs.

Pictured are (from the top) -- 1) Santie Huckaby; 2) Shirley Jone's daughter with Maverick Madison; 3) Debra Madison, daughter-in-law of Harold Madison (in the mural); 4) Shirley Jones; 5) Commission Vice President Juan Fuentes; 6) Heidi Hardin and District 10 Supervisor Sophie Maxwell; 7) Living Legends and their Families: Mrs. Alex Pitcher, Maverick Madison, Shirley Jones, Espanola Jackson; 8) Espanola Jackson, Heidi Hardin, Shirley Jones; 9) Espanola Jackson and Dr. Toye Moses

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