Thursday, October 18, 2007

Deidre DeFranceaux is Celebrated

Artist Deidre DeFranceaux was the center of attention amidst friends, family and community on Sunday, September 23rd - the official launch of the Quesada Gardens Initiative mural. Deidre was the lead artist on the community consensus building phase of the project, and organized or did the lion's share of the design and painting.

Deidre is shown above in a Sister-sandwiche along with Sisters Flora, Mabel and Soul who "blessed" the mural. She received a framed certificate from QGI as a token of the respect and love she garnered from the community during her countless hours of hard work.

The community's gratitude was also expressed for project leaders Mike Aisenfeld and Sharon Bliss, neighbor-by-the-mural Mike Kan, artist Santie Huckaby who shared the commission with Deidre, and the Burning Man community who supported the project in many ways.

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