Monday, July 9, 2007

Another Car in the Garden?

Sure parking is tough in San Francisco, but not that tough!

At 1:30 Sunday morning, a stolen car hit the street sign above the Quesada Garden, propelling the sign through the rear car window of a neighbor's parked car. The driver didn't stop there, however, and managed to take out several bushes along side the Williams' residence. As if that wasn't enough, he hit the accerator again to crash into the same car that had lost its window. Even then he didn't stop as the car jumped a couple curbs to cross the upper portion of the garden and mangle the iron railing by the staircase.

The next potential target was a neighbor's house just a few feet beyond the railing. But the driver could go no further and reportedly fled the scene along with a passenger, leaving the car for police to tow. Anyone with information about the crime is encouraged to call the police.

Many residents will remember a couple of years ago when another stolen vehicle, racing down the Quesada hill, jumped the curb to smash a bench donated by a longtime resident. The bench was rebuilt as a symbol of community resilience.

Photo courtesy of QGI Co-Founder Mike Kan

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