Thursday, May 17, 2007

Putting Bayview on the Map

The exact number of public staircases in San Francisco is different depending on who you talk with. But one thing is certain: another was just added to the list. Adah Bakalinsky, author of "Stairway Walks in San Francisco," and several of her Stairway Walker friends, visited the Quesada Gardens Initiative today and found that we have three staircases in and near the garden, not just the two reflected in the previous count.

This is important news to Adah who is described as "the queen of San Francisco's majestic, quirky, and quotidian stairways." She understands the magic of San Francisco's stairs, and the possibility of something wonderful at the top or bottom of each one. She also understands the value of a good walk to staying healthy.

Adah and Miriam (pictured) are part of the Shape Up Coalition led by public health experts with commmunity-based organizations and businesses. The Coalition's mission is to help San Franciscan's be more active and healthier. The Quesada Gardens Initiative is also a part of Shape Up, advocating for a stronger, safer Bayview Hunters Point through community involvement...a necessary ingredient for mobility, physical activity, health and wellness.

We applaud all the Stairway Walkers for their contribution to San Francisco, and for their interest in the Quesada Gardens Initiative.

Many thanks to Tom Kennedy (BVHP History Preservation Project) for organizing our visit.

Pictured are: Mike, Pete, Annette, Tom, Charles, Adah, Miriam, James, and Karl

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