Sunday, February 11, 2007

How do they keep Quesada Gardens so green?!

In the early days, you could see neighbors donating water and stringing hoses from their houses. And you could see Annette and Karl carrying 5-gallon buckets of water to individual plants. Whew!

Now, though you can barely see it since most of the work is neatly buried, an irrigation system is doing a lot of the work. A 400 foot drip system funded by San Francisco Beautiful (major funding), Wells Fargo Bank, and the Family Violence Prevention Fund is sustaining a swath of the community garden. Generous donations of time on the part of fearless Stanford students (digging a trench through hard dirt!) and residents on Quesada made it happen.

Thanks go to our friends at DPW who installed a water meter so that the City could take over paying for the water. (The City installed another meter at a new garden that residents hope will become a "teaching garden" that produces edible produce for the neighborhood!) We also thank the good people at Urban Farmer who designed and installed the system.

Please help us complete the irrigation project (email The Quesada Gardens Initiative still needs to lengthen the system and add to the network of tubing that carries the water from the pipes to the plants.

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