Sunday, May 18, 2008

Reasons to celebrate on Latona

Why are these children smiling? Could be because they have a new place to play on their block. It might also be because Bob Grover (Mayor of Latona) just installed a rope swing. Or because they didn't have anything to do on this sunny afternoon until they spotted a pile of fresh compost needing to be moved into the Latona Garden. It might even be because their Latona Garden group is coming up on its 6 month anniversary!

Truth is, there are lots of reasons to be smiling on Latona these days.

In six short months, a dumping ground has been cleared and has stayed clean, flowers and food have begun to grow, and neighbors have found something new to love on a special block of Bayview.

Watch the San Francisco Chronicle this weekend for a feature about this truly remarkable transformation

photos credit: Rhonda Winter

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