Friday, September 20, 2013

Linda Brooks Burton mourned by community

Linda at the 2012's Black Cuisine.

One of Bayview Hunters Point's most beloved members, Linda Brooks Burton, passed away yesterday.  While details are scarce, early reports are that she suffered a heart attack. 

Most community members know Linda from the Bayview's branch library where she served as Managing Librarian for nearly 15 years. She worked for the SF Public Library for a total of over 30 years.  She was a central champion of the new library building project.

Though she was promoted to Southeast District Manager for the SF Public Library, and began working from Civic Center, her commitment to the Bayview branch was unwavering.  

Linda was born in Los Angeles, lived in Bayview until a family move to Fairfield, and remained highly-involved in the life of the Bayview community she loved.

Linda co-founded  the Bayview History Preservation Project to build an archive of materials about the African American migration to the area, and other aspects of local history. She served on many boards, including those of the Whitney Young Child Development Center and the Healing Arts Youth Center. 

Linda also co-founded the Bayview Footprints Network of Community Building Groups. Her fellow co-founders are stunned at the loss.

Linda was glowing at the opening of the new Bayview Branch Library.
"I keep expecting to get a call about it all being a mistake," said Tom Kennedy of ttdigital.

"She was so young and beautiful and vibrant," said Heidi Hardin of Think Round Inc.

Footprints' deepest sympathies go to Linda's husband and three children, and to her entire family and community.

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