Monday, January 13, 2014

The kids return to Quesada

We have reported that the active outdoor play of children on Quesada Avenue is happening for the first time in decades. But gardening? That's usually a tough sell.
Ava likes bugs.  Except spiders.
Not anymore. New(ish) Quesada Gardens hero Patrick Rhodes has not only been making the center section of the urban median strip garden something special, but he has won over a crowd of youngsters who can't wait for the next time to work with him.
Dylan and David on Quesada.
"I love gardening," David told everyone who was listening last Saturday.

It takes a village to get that wagon uphill fast.
"I found the biggest squash EVER," Dylan said.

"I like bugs, except for spiders that aren’t Daddy Longlegs," said Ava, whose friend Meah doesn't like bugs as much but thinks they can be pretty when inside a jar.

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