Monday, December 2, 2013

Kiva Zip helps Bayview businesses

by Amy Lambert
Kiva Zip Fellow
Organizers from Kiva Zip, a non-profit online crowd-funding platform for socially impactful and underserved small businesses, have brought Kiva's brand of innovative business financing to Bayview Hunters Point.

Among the entrepreneurs and groups Ziva Zip has helped are Cristina from Hey Boo who took out loan in October to attend a food exhibition, and Macio from Lyons Transportation and Logistics Corp. who raised funds in September to purchase fuel, maintenance supplies, and cleaning for his business equipment. Teresa at Old Skool Café hired a Chef last April. 

Kathryn from Feve Artisan Chocolatier bought a stove. And Earl, from Earl's Breads just funded a loan for the purchase of a new oven and equipment to increase his bread production. Each loan was for $5,000.

Other organizations in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood are launching partnerships with Kiva Zip to further expand economic development in their community including Quesada Gardens Initiative, All Good Pizza, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, the Bayview YMCA, Osiris Coalition, Andrea Baker Consulting, and Bayview Merchants Association.

Kiva Zip is a non-profit that provides socially impactful and underserved small businesses and entrepreneurs $5,000 loans at 0% interest to start or grow their businesses. All loans are crowd-funded through their online platform, creating an organic community of support, a useful means to increase brand awareness, and an infusion of capital into communities.

Kiva Zip is excited about these accomplishments that are helping connect and build the BVHP community and to create positive grassroots change for those who live, work, and play here.

More information: email Amy Lambert and check out this overview.

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